General Terms And Conditions

The General Terms and Conditions of Delivery of the Electrical Industry Austria 2017 and the following additions apply:

The UN sales law is excluded.

Unless otherwise agreed, delivery takes place exWorks plus costs for packaging and insurance according to the actual expenditure.

the specified delivery time is subject to prior sale.

Interest on arrears in the amount of 11% p.a. will be charged for due, open invoices.
The reminder fee for due, open invoices is EUR 56.00 per reminder issued plus the costs for the court attorney (from the 3rd unsuccessful reminder).

All goods and services supplied remain the property of MS-Control GmbH until they have been paid for in full. This also applies in the event of a resale.

Warranty costs arising during a delay in payment are borne by the buyer.
The client grants the contractor the right to store data related to the order in his own company and (if necessary) to forward it to subcontractors. The transfer to uninvolved third parties is excluded.

The place of jurisdiction is Salzburg / Austria.