Basic Controller

BixCS Basic Controllers are ideal for all users who, in addition to classic control functions, want to integrate additional features such as PAT models, cloud communication, database functions, OPC-UA, etc.
All of our components meet the highest industry standardswith a life cycle of 15 years with a guarantee of 5 years.

The system has integrated Modbus TCP / RTU, supports GAMP5 compliance and fulfills the FDA 21 CFR Part 11 criteria.
All other fieldbus systems are also optionally available.

At the same time, by using Linux Debian and defined system interfaces, BixCS offers the stability and openness for integrating customer-specific system features into the automation system.

In addition, the open system offers the possibility of expanding hardware and system software according to customer-specific requirements.

BIXCS-130 Series

0-60C /ARM 2-c / 2xPLC / Modbus / HTTP-Server...

BIXCS-150 Series

0-60C / intel 2-c / 2xPLC / Modbus Master /...

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